Which are the best TELUS mobility cellphone plans in Canada?

Best TELUS Mobility Cell Phone Plans in Canada

If you are looking for the best phone plans for your mobile, TELUS mobility deals offer high quality of service for you. TELUS phone caters the plans according to customers’ specific needs. TELUS mobility cellphone plans provide the best deals for prepaid or postpaid cell phones.

TELUS Canada is one of the best telecommunication company offering service to 99% Canadians. TELUS Canada has become the second largest mobile carrier providing service to about 9 million subscribers. TELUS mobility is TELUS’s wireless division offering LTE and HSPA+ networks for your mobile cell phones. You can choose data plans as per your needs and budgets.

TELUS mobility deals provide the best unlimited data and unlimited talk and text cell phone plans. You can customize your plan as per your preferences. You can even share your plan with another person and can add up to four devices according to your choice plans. TELUS plans also offer international long-distance plan connecting more than 200 destinations across the world.

Peace of mind features by TELUS offers the best cell phone plans for you and your family. With TELUS family discount, you can add more family members to your account.

  • Peace of mind plan is for a single device with high-speed data.

  • Peace of mind connect plan is good for your phone and multiple connectable tech devices. You can get endless data on your smart phone, smart watch, or tablet.

  • Peace of mind connect plus plan is perfect for your phone and two connectable tech devices.

  • Peace of mind connect ultra is the best for your phone and three or more connectable tech devices.

  • Simple share feature: with this family plans you can share these among multiple users with high-speed browsing. All users must be on simple share plan to share data. Simple share 20 and Simple share 50 plans provide 20 GB and 50 GB of high-speed data, respectively.

All plans cover.

  1. Unlimited nationwide texts

  2. Unlimited nationwide calls

  3. Unlimited nationwide pictures and video messaging

  4. Call display

  5. Voicemail 25

  6. Call waiting

  7. Conference calling

Under prepaid plans buy and activate SIM card online. Plans starts with as low as $10. There are no term contract, commitment, or credit checks.

Bring your own device: configure your device to get started. Choose payment option and confirm your plan.

Talk & Text plans: It offers unlimited nationwide talk and text with picture and video messaging. TELUS call display, call waiting and voicemail 3 are provided.

Advantages of TELUS 5G

With TELUS 5G, customers will get better speed up to 100 times faster in future. 5G will provide tremendous capacity supporting one million devices per square kilometer area. With TELUS 5G customers will get high responsiveness enabling applications like autonomous cars, remote surgery and many more. TELUS 5G will be beneficial to Canadians in many ways. It will strong our economy along with making lives easier through speed and capacity.

TELUS 5G is the fifth-generation cellular network technology. Which will bring great transformation in the lives of customers and their businesses by providing security and automation to smart homes and to vehicles connected to network. TELUS next generation 5g networks will support emerging technologies like digital healthcare, robotics, virtual and augmented reality.

With TELUS 5G there will be an immense digital transformation in the field of agriculture. Supercharged drones with sensors will monitor crops, enable smart machines to access pesticides and fertilizers and even through remote operation, autonomous tractors will sow seeds. There will be great improvement in growth and management of crops.

With TELUS 5G high-speed network healthcare sector will be able to treat and monitor patients from anywhere in the world.

TELUS being an award winning, the fastest network on a global basis gets even better with TELUS 5G that is being expanded into communities across Canada.