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TELUS Mobility

Explore our latest offers and save big on smartphones, unlimited data plans, smartwatches, tablets, accessories and more.

Why TELUS Mobility?

With some of the Top Brands like Apple & Samsung to offer in the product catalogue, we also offer a wide range of TELUS Deals to bring you the best devices at affordable prices!

The plans are simple and easy. We do not believe in complicating things. With few amazing options specifically designed as per your needs, TELUS offers the following: 

TELUS Phone Selection

Select any phone you want at any time with $0 upfront. Finance your device for 24 months with no hassles.


Simplified Plans

Looking for Unlimited Data Plans or have a very general and specific need? We cover it all with TELUS Plans

TELUS Family Plans

Family Discounts are a great way to get TELUS Plans for your whole family. Save easily from $5 to $15 per month.

TELUS Easy Payment

Easy to select Finance Plans with $0 Upfront. Don’t worry about finances and let us manage them for you.

Number Transfer

Shifting Telecom carriers has never been simpler. You select TELES Plans and let us manage the rest for you.


Free Shipping

If you wish to order your Phones online, we will deliver it to you across Canada for no extra shipping charges.



TELUS Prepaid Plans

TELUS Prepaid Plans are the way, people are enjoying connecting with their loved ones at the costs that can really afford. Here are some of the ways why TELUS Prepaid plans are awesome!


Buy TELUS Sim Card

If you think that buying a TELUS Card online is confusing, you can visit us on our TELUS Store and we can guide you on the plans that will suit your need or your family’s need. Let us show you the difference between the online and offline sim card buying!

Buying Online

Going online on different websites.

Researching in-depth to understand different plans.

After doing enough reading, you are start to get confused.

On-deciding you again go into a long process of registrations.

Wait for the Delivery of your Sim Card.


Come to our TELUS store in Surrey

Get the best contactless assistance

Pay with the mode of payment easier for you

Go Live with the Services in no time!

Buy TELUS Sim Card

Tired of other Telecom Providers? You have come to the right place! Its time to Switch to Canada’s Fastest Network. Come, visit us on our TELUS store and get more details.