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How to maintain security when employees work remotely

Outbreak of covid-19 has changed the working pattern of all companies and their employees around the world. It has compelled thousands of employees to work remotely and it is a challenge for information security as work from home does not provide equivalent safeguard as at the office. Various security policies are essential to protect digital information.

Working remotely means employees can work from anywhere using laptop, smartphone or tablet using internet. Working remotely has its own benefits too. Employees can work outside office environment instead of their designated desk. They can execute their project from wherever they like.

Employees can have liberty to design their days so that their personal and professional life can be well balanced. Thus, employees have benefits of location flexibility. Another advantage is that employees can set their schedule according their ability to work to their fullest potential so they can work more productively and efficiently.

Working remotely in Canada has become the mainstream after the covid-19 pandemic hit in March. Even in 2021 millions of Canadian employees prefer working remotely. Work from home is possible due to ever-evolving technologies like Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Google hangouts and cloud computing.

It is not required to be there in an office full time. Companies having work from home policies can boost employees productively along with lowering organizational cost.

Tips for working remotely:

Due to covid-19 pandemic, work from home has become the new normal as social distancing is mandatory. Working remotely requires significant adjustments like you must alter your routines and habits to work more productively. You need to create boundaries between your professional and personal life. Here are few tips from TELUS for working remotely.

Types of Cyber-Attacks:

1. Invest in reliable technology:

Consistent internet connection is especially important to do your job properly. It should be able to take video calls without losing connection. Have proper pair of noise cancelling headphones.

2. Use a VPN:

When you are working at some co-working spaces like airports, cafes, or libraries where you do not have control over network, VPN should be used. It is safe to use VPN [ Virtual Private Network] as it can transmit data and communication without being intercepted.

3. Create a working space:

Make a designated working space where you can focus on your tasks. Create an environment which keep you motivated. You can even set your schedule according to your suitable time when you feel more productive. You can get your work done during the best hours. Take a small break throughout your schedule as you may stuck to your computer for hours. Small break for your fitness routine and to eat healthy will help you to stay focused and productive.

4. Set a time for log off:

As the world is becoming connected 24/7, it is important for you to set a time to log off. If you are working in a different time zone than co-workers, you may receive chat notifications and emails any times. So, it is necessary to set a fixed time to log off especially for the night.

5. Set boundaries for consistent routine:

When you are in home and surrounded by your family and pets, you are more likely to get disturbed. In that case, give indication to your family as to when to leave you alone. It is important to stay organized while working from home. Follow your work schedule to complete difficult tasks.

6. Over-communicate:

TELUS provide a wide range of innovative solutions with a fiber internet networks. Your business can rely on TELUS for efficient remote working. TELUS helps you to work from home easier along with keeping the cyber security the priority. Remote work tools are designed to keep you encouraged and secured.

  • Use approved cloud services and collaboration tools.

  • Connect securely to your network.

  • Be cautious about phishing.

  • Ensure to back up your data regularly.

  • Check for updates to your remote working policies.

  • Embrace the virtual workplace.

As TELUS being a leading provider of cloud unified communication services, enables your remote teams and organization to be more productive. With Akira by TELUS, enjoy better health experience. It is a virtual care solution.

Design your workplace with Unified Communication and Collaboration [UC&C] solutions. Learn to keep your team connected through cloud calling and team collaboration apps to voicemails, mobility features and IP technology.


To protect your business from cyber-attacks, TELUS provides solutions like managed detection and response, threat vulnerability assessments, next generation firewall, governance, Risk and compliance [GRC], email protection and end point protection.

Cybersecurity services by TELUS have numbers of benefits like

  • Web content security: Protect confidential information against web-based malware attacks.

  • Ultimate security and privacy for email: designed specifically to protect all aspects of email communications like viruses, spam, and archiving.

  • Web-based reporting: get control over every aspects of security through service requests or contact technical support.

  • Asset discovery and vulnerability scanning: it helps you to identify assets on your network through asset discovery tool while vulnerability scanning tool scans your assets to determine and manage risk.

  • Security information and event management [SIEM]: A cloud based SIEM offers visibility into potential threats and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Our next generation firewall service offers greater control and visibility of applications like streaming audio and video, file sharing on your networks along with users and accessing devices. It provides defense against both known and unknown malware and Advanced Persistent Threats [APTs]. TELUS next generation firewall service effectively prevents threats by recognizing the threats targeting application.

TELUS hosted cloud solution protects all aspects of email communications such as malware, spam, and viruses. It prevents cyber attacks by detecting sophisticated threats. It is featured to preserve end point performance.


TELUS business connect VOIP phone solution connects departments, multiple places, and team members.

TELUS MDR [Managed Detection and Response] service can help companies in Canada to detect and response to cyber security threats effectively which can maliciously attack their business. Initially MDR was available to large corporations but new cyber security service by TELUS is tailored to support midsize companies of Canada.

Global Work-From-Home [WFH] model by TELUS provides solutions to meet your business requirements. Work anywhere framework by TELUS allows clients to connect with their customers securely and easily through latest CX [Customer Experiences] technology and highly engaged remote work force.

TELUS delivers highest level of security to every client which includes encrypted data in the cloud, high bandwidth full encryption VPNs, centrally managed IT, laptop/desktop configurations and two-factor authentications with tokens.

TELUS international offers a complementary solution like a range of digital support solutions to ease customer service burdens. TELUS next-gen digital solutions provide high-tech customer experiences. TELUS global, flexible and secure technology and tools are commendable to meet client’s requirements.