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Why TELUS PureFiber is better for your Business?

Every business must keep up with ever-changing technology for success and to sustain in the modern market. TELUS fibre-optic connectivity can provide a great benefit to companies of all sizes. Businesses around the world face tough competition in today’s highly connected world. By investing in TELUS internet plans, companies can get significant returns. Voice-Over-IP [VOIP] technology offers numerous benefits in business.

Benefits of TELUS fiber in business

1. Speed:

Business should not be affected by slowing down of internet. Slow internet connection will cost you more in a long way. Your internet connectivity should never interfere productivity. With high speed of TELUS internet, your employees can get significant outcome.

Most businesses majorly do their work online such as upload and download, videos, assets, collateral, use of cloud services or video conferencing. Fiber connection provides support in sharing internet connection among laptops, desktops and VOIP phone systems. Even employees can remain connected through their smartphones, tablets or any other devices to high-speed TELUS internet providing enough bandwidth. TELUS pure fiber provides you lightening fast connectivity with 7 times faster upload speed than other competitors.

2. Reliability:

Since fiber is stronger than copper, fiber-optic cable is more reliable than the copper or coaxial cables. TELUS fiber-optic internet can’t be damaged by environmental stress, thus prevents hindrance in data transmission. Fiber remains intact unless they are cut physically. Fiber is resistant to humans and not even affected by electrical interference. Fiber-optic cable is strong enough to last for more than 30 years.

Businesses nowadays become advanced and internet reliant so businesses may suffer if internet connection is not reliable. Reliability is evitable if your business requires internet connection to access application or to make phone calls. To enhance the productivity, your internet should not create trouble even during the busiest hours of the day. TELUS fiber offers you various reliable business plans.

3. Cloud access:

TELUS optic-fiber is better option for cloud access as cloud services require bandwidth and speed for desirable performance. Cloud services allow businesses to store, manage and process data using a remote server, thus providing cost-effective solution to manage workload in business.

More than 90% of organizations are using the cloud as a business tool for applications and hosting. TELUS pure fibre provides you speed and bandwidth in accessing cloud-hosted information.

4. Bandwidth:

The bandwidth availability is higher in TELUS fiber-optic internet for businesses. Speed does not decrease with high demands of data transmission. Slow speed, delays and pixelated video quality are the signs of low bandwidth availability.

User activities such as SIP trunking, web conferencing, file sharing, streaming, high-definition video and accessing cloud applications need high demands on business bandwidth.

5. Symmetric speed:

With TELUS fiber-optic internet you can have benefit of symmetric speed that refers to equal upload and download times on an internet connection. Symmetric speed enables employees to upload files, video content or even make phone calls while downloading content simultaneously via data connection.

6. Distance/signal strength:

TELUS internet provides signal strength which does not degrade as quickly over distance. As fiber-optic signal is carried with light, resulting in minimum signal loss irrespective of distance. Offices in large spaces can have benefits through this facility.

Employees having distant workplace from the telecommunication room are benefited by signal strength of the fiber-optic internet.

7. Resistance to interference:

TELUS business plan is the best option for businesses closed to heavy electrical machinery or creating high frequency noises. Copper cable internet is sensitive to electro magmatic interference, while fiber-optic internet can keep you connected in the same place.

8. Security:

Fiber-optic internet is the way to protect your company against cybercrime. It is almost hack proof. It is easy to tap into cable internet and steal the business information, while its not possible in fiber-optic as to gain access to information, cable needs to be cut physically which would cause the signal to disappear, ultimately takes the system down.

9. Cost saving:

TELUS fiber can eliminate the issues of slow or unreliable cable which can ultimately affect productivity. Your business may suffer loss due to weak connectivity caused due to region or weather. TELUS fiber-optic connection can resolve this speed issue and helps to increase annual production. It also helps employees to transfer more applications and services to the cloud.

It attributes to aid all services like VOIP, cloud storage and SaaS [software-as-a-service], which have a significant potential for cost-saving and many benefits. Above all fiber has less networking hardware and less maintenance cost.

10. Minimized Latency:

Latency means the delay in transmission time. TELUS internet speed can eliminate this issue of latency in businesses specially in uploading or downloading videos or any high-definition content. It resolves delays that occur while processing data. It can also improve the connection between employees regardless of the distance between them.

In fiber-optic connection, signal is transmitted by light, literally at the speed of light that reduces latency and eventually helps to run business efficiently.