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Proactive Cyber Security is the Key during Covid-19

Cyber security also known as information technology security [ IT security] or computer security is the technology to protect software, hardware or electronic data of computer system and network from digital attack, theft, or damage. It is a body to protect programs, devices and data from unauthorized access that are targeted for exploitation.

If you are searching for cyber security in Canada, TELUS provide advice and guideline regarding security decision for organizations across Canada. With the framework of NIST cyber security and our experienced security professionals, TELUS helps organizations to build security infrastructure.

Our employees and national network provide support to identify and respond to threat and help our customer across Canada to achieve desired security solutions.

Importance of Cyber Security:

Today internet becomes an integral part of human life. So, we need the best cyber security service to protect our all internet connected devices like smartphone, smart television, computer control system. It takes only a few minutes to hack such devices.

Not only organization or companies face losses through cyber-attack, but average customer can be a victim of identity theft, data breaches, phishing schemes, financial losses, and ransomware attacks. Mostly people get targeted while shopping and online money transfer. People should be aware of cyber security to avoid being victim by such hackers.

Cyber security is especially important because exposure of sensitive information such as financial data, property, personal information can have negative consequences. Companies having safeguarding information like financial records, national security and health industries are supposed to protect their business information.

Types of Cyber-Attacks:

As we are living in a digital era of information technology, most of our work is done on internet. Especially this year 2020, a year of covid-19 has compelled each and everyone to use computer and internet for one or the other purpose from ordering consumer items to work from home by employees and even students studying from home internet. Due to dependency on digital world, cyber-attack is also growing like any other crime.

Cyber-attack is defined as an illegal offensive act by individual or organization to exploit computer networks, computer information system and infrastructure by various methods to steal or to destroy data. These attacks use malicious code to alter data, computer code or logic to steal identity and information. A cyber-attack is also known as CNA [Computer Network Attack].

Common types of security attacks are:

1. TELUS Cyber Security for business
  • Virus
  • Trojan horse
  • Worm
  • Back
TELUS Cyber Security for business
  • DNS spoofing
  • Phishing
  • Injection attacks
  • Session hijacking
  • Denial of service
  • Brute force
  • URL interpretation
  • Dictionary attacks
  • Man, in the middle attacks
  • File inclusion

TELUS Cyber Security for business:

To protect your business from cyber-attacks, TELUS provides solutions like managed detection and response, threat vulnerability assessments, next generation firewall, governance, Risk and compliance [GRC], email protection and end point protection.

Cybersecurity services by TELUS have numbers of benefits like

  • Web content security: Protect confidential information against web-based malware attacks.

  • Ultimate security and privacy for email: designed specifically to protect all aspects of email communications like viruses, spam, and archiving.

  • Web-based reporting: get control over every aspects of security through service requests or contact technical support.

  • Asset discovery and vulnerability scanning: it helps you to identify assets on your network through asset discovery tool while vulnerability scanning tool scans your assets to determine and manage risk.

  • Security information and event management [SIEM]: A cloud based SIEM offers visibility into potential threats and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Our next generation firewall service offers greater control and visibility of applications like streaming audio and video, file sharing on your networks along with users and accessing devices. It provides defense against both known and unknown malware and Advanced Persistent Threats [APTs]. TELUS next generation firewall service effectively prevents threats by recognizing the threats targeting application.

TELUS hosted cloud solution protects all aspects of email communications such as malware, spam, and viruses. It prevents cyber attacks by detecting sophisticated threats. It is featured to preserve end point performance.

Canadian cyber threat exchange:

During this sensitive year of covid-19 pandemic, we need to have proactive cyber security. TELUS helps users identify the phishing topic, focuses on the areas affected by the change in end user activity.

TELUS being a founding member of the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange [CCTE] helps in maintaining a cyber-resilient Canada. TELUS contributes a unique perspective to the increasing number of covid-19 threats and helps to provide insights to overall network health throughout Canada.

As a large network operator, TELUS proactively protects its customers by identifying an emerging threat.

Cyber security awareness is especially important especially during this phase of covid-19 when work from home becomes evitable personally and professionally. So, to keep data and information safer in digital world is an important task. Annual campaign called CSAM [Cyber Security Awareness Month] is held in October every year in Canada to ensure safety online. It brings awareness to the families and their workplaces regarding cyber-crime.

Employees working from home do not have access to the same security level as in their workplace. Covid-19 has proved to be a catalyst for increasing cyber attacks. so, demand for cyber security professionals has also increasing around the world. Cyber security professionals rely on essential tool and services such as MDR services, PKI services, firewalls, antivirus software, penetration testing and staff training for cyber defense.

Every organization must invest in such cyber security tools and services provided by professionals to protect their IT environment.