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How to Maximize Your Home Internet Performance?

During this crucial time of pandemic everyone gets stuck at home, whether it is about students studying from home or employees working on home internet. So, work from home becomes the main priority this whole year. Every member of the family is using one or other devices. In such scenario, speed of internet has become an important aspect.

With internet speed test you can see your upload and download speed if you are not satisfied with your Wi-Fi performance. With TELUS unlimited home internet you can get upload speed 9x faster than other service provider. TELUS internet plan BC provides perfect speed to all types of users from casual to streamers and gamers.

With TELUS unlimited internet plans you can have reliable upload speed for video conferencing, gaming, uploading images and videos.

Slowing down of internet while working from home is so frustrating. You do not have to face such problem with TELUS Home internet plan. It helps you to improve your Wi-Fi speed. If you are facing slow speed of internet, run an internet speed test on your wired device. Speed test by TELUS will estimate both upload and download speed. For accurate result of speed test download TELUS MY Wi-Fi APP to check internet speed to your modem.

TELUS Purefibre internet provides reliable and the fastest internet speed.

Many factors can affect your internet speed at home such as router signal, improper position of router, number of connected devices or unprotected WI-FI may cause speed problems. Before moving to further plans to upgrade your internet service there are few tricks you can try to boost your home Wi-Fi speed.

8 Tips and Tricks to Improve your Wi-Fi speed:

1. Position of router:

To get the best possible router signal, it should be kept in the centre of your home instead of hiding in a corner or in a cupboard. The perfect position of router can help you to get your subscribed speed. You can even mount it halfway up at the best spot if flat surface is not available. It is advisable to keep router away from devices emitting electromagnetic waves such as wireless keyboards, baby monitors or microwaves.

2. Upgradation of router:

If your living space is too big to get Wi-Fi signal, you can pair your router with repeaters that helps broadcast signal to the farthest place of your home. TELUS home internet support provides mesh network to boost Wi-Fi. You can have more boosters to expand coverage. TELUS home Wi-Fi gives you 5X faster speed even when multiple devices are connected.

3. Installation of protection software:

Installing antivirus and malware-scanning software will prevent the slowing down of internet speed. This protection software will find existing virus automatically and once it is removed, browsing will be easy for you. TELUS online security has partnered with “Norton life lock” to provides multiple layers of protection for cyber safety.

4. Streamlined browsing:

Numbers of open windows and tabs on your browser can slow down your internet speed. You can use backup browser to streamline all the data to have a faster browsing. TELUS PureFibre plans help you experience streaming with clear pictures, great sound and smooth surfing experience.

5. Blocking ad media:

Ad media displays numbers of advertisements, GIFS, pictures, and heavy auto played videos which can slow down your Wi-Fi speed. Ad -blocking plugin will block ad media and free up extra space for your internet speed.

6. Clear your cache:

All the documented data on your internet browser will interfere with your internet speed. Habit of clearing your cache on your browser everyday will help you to get rid of cookies and trackers. You can install a plugin or can do it manually.

7. Change the band or channel:

Initially you had to switch manually between 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies to get proper network but TELUS smart Wi-Fi technology offers you one consolidated network. Your dual networks allow your modem to switch your devices automatically between the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. So, you can optimize frequency for each device. TELUS Wi-Fi modem-T 3200 M enables your smart Wi-Fi.

8. Password your Wi-Fi:

It is good to have a password on your Wi-Fi to keep hackers away and also protect your bandwidth from being juiced up by your neighbors as it may slow down your internet speed.