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How TELUS is Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

TELUS has been one of the first telecommunication companies in Canada to respond quickly to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In these tough times, the safety and wellbeing of the customers and employees have been the topmost for TELUS. The pressure on the Telecommunication Services has been more than ever but TELUS has been trying very hard to hold up and keep the citizens of Canada connected to their loved ones and colleagues alike.

And as the authorized partner of TELUS, FutureGen Communication has been following all the provisional restrictions to ensure a secure environment for the safety of one and all.

So here’s how TELUS has been responding to the COVID – 19 Pandemic.

Ensuring the safety of the Customers and Employees

Since the inception of the pandemic, TELUS has used its technology to ensure the safety of our employees. More than 95% of our team members work from home in a very productive manner. For the complete assurance of their safety, our team members will continue to do so till September 2021. This is consistent with the immunization efforts to free Canada from the pandemic. In a similar fashion, only a limited number of our team members are working at the sites to meet our customers’ needs.

Ensuring the safety of the Customers and Employees

Our stores follow the necessary precautions in a very adherent manner. All the 3 Vancouver Stores of FutureGen Communications have the following safety protocols for anyone who wishes to procure our services.

  • Social Distancing Measures with a stipulated number of people in-store at any given point in time
  • It is mandatory for all the customers to wear masks
  • Upgraded in-store hygiene facilities for customers and employees
  • A touchless purchase experience
  • Compliance with all the laws related to the pandemic
  • Digitized Business Services

With our advanced Digital capabilities, our Canadian customers are able to carry out their business with our TELUS services whenever they want, in a smooth manner. We also took a step further and introduced TELUS ONLINE SECURITY. It allows our users with credit monitoring, virtual private networks, device protection as well as identity theft restoration.

Installation and Repairs Support

In accordance with the physical distancing guidelines, we keep innovating our install and repair support services for our customers.

  1. Virtual Installation: A TELUS technician will deliver the sanitized devices to your doorstep through a touchless delivery method. Then he will guide through the complete installation process via a video call.

  2. Self Installation: Sanitised products will be delivered to you with a comprehensive self-installation guide.

  3. In-person Installation: After a mandatory onsite safety assessment, our technicians may enter your house and complete the installation process.

And for those customers who wish to return the complete installation, our team will arrange an appointment with them. The process will be completed in a safe manner.

Serving our Customers safely and putting Canadians back to Work

Strong Connectivity and Safe Delivery have never been more important. So we have reintroduced our TELUS Mobile Sales Teams to serve our customers better. If our team knocks on your door, be assured that they are following physician-approved COVID-19 safety protocols including:-

  • Mandatory Face Masks
  • Remaining outdoors
  • Completing a mandatory ‘fit for work assessment
  • Contactless social distancing

COVID-19 relief for India

In order to help those affected by the atrocities of COVID-19, TELUS is giving $200k in India. It is trying its best to support the Canadian Red Cross India COVID-19 Response appeal. TELUS believes in uplifting and helping humanity in every way possible by doing their bit.

COVID-19 relief for India

Serving our customers in a safe and conducive environment is very essential in this pandemic. TELUS has remained successful in protecting our customers and team members in our Retail Stores, Administrative buildings as well as Warehouses.

In the stores, we have launched a touchless service experience with the use of plexiglass at the cash, social distancing inside the stores, and mandatory use of face masks. We have also implemented a fixed number of customers inside the stores at any given point in time.

We take the commitment to safety very seriously. Our touchless in-store experiences ensure that our customers get the best-in-class services without any compromises whatsoever.

FutureGen Communications is hopeful that things will get better for everyone in the second half of 2021. Over the past year, our company has taken unimaginable strides with our customer services and we will continue to do so in the future. As the authorized partners of TELUS, our brand promises to do all that that we can and ensure the safety of our customers and team members.