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What all can I get in a Telus store in Surrey?

Telus is one of the leading internet service providers in Canada. It has happened because of the unbeatable Fastest Internet Service in Surrey and everywhere else in Canada. So, when you step into the nearby Telus store in the country, you can get several services and products related to the internet. These services and products […]

How do the TELUS home internet packages in Surrey different from other internet plans?

There are different internet service providers available, and people want to choose the one that can give them all the convenience and freedom of using the internet. However, because of the increasing importance of the internet in everyone’s lives, internet speeds and the price of internet plans have transformed a lot over time. That is […]

All you need to know about Telus Prepaid Internet plans in Surrey

Are you looking for Telus prepaid plans in Surrey? We can give you the best deal to let you enjoy the internet services with all the benefits. We offer a variety of prepaid plans for smartphones, homes, businesses, and many more purposes. In fact, if you have many people in your family and everyone uses […]

How TELUS is Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

TELUS has been one of the first telecommunication companies in Canada to respond quickly to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In these tough times, the safety and wellbeing of the customers and employees have been the topmost for TELUS. The pressure on the Telecommunication Services has been more than ever but TELUS has been trying very hard […]

Is 5G Available in Canada? Something you Should Know!

Have you also been wondering if 5G is available in Canada? Well yes, because back in 2020, TELUS, Bell, and Rogers launched 5G networks across Canada which have been expanding, even more, as the years go by. But since the 5G services are comparatively new and limited in number, customers in Canada have been apprehensive […]

Which are the best TELUS mobility cellphone plans in Canada?

If you are looking for the best phone plans for your mobile, TELUS mobility deals offer high quality of service for you. TELUS phone caters the plans according to customers’ specific needs. TELUS mobility cellphone plans provide the best deals for prepaid or postpaid cell phones. TELUS Canada is one of the best telecommunication company […]

How to maintain security when employees work remotely

Outbreak of covid-19 has changed the working pattern of all companies and their employees around the world. It has compelled thousands of employees to work remotely and it is a challenge for information security as work from home does not provide equivalent safeguard as at the office. Various security policies are essential to protect digital […]

Proactive Cyber Security is the Key during Covid-19

Cyber security also known as information technology security [ IT security] or computer security is the technology to protect software, hardware or electronic data of computer system and network from digital attack, theft, or damage. It is a body to protect programs, devices and data from unauthorized access that are targeted for exploitation. If you […]

How to Maximize Your Home Internet Performance?

During this crucial time of pandemic everyone gets stuck at home, whether it is about students studying from home or employees working on home internet. So, work from home becomes the main priority this whole year. Every member of the family is using one or other devices. In such scenario, speed of internet has become […]

5 Benefits to Owning a TELUS Smart Home Security System

TELUS home security is an advanced, high-tech system that can remotely control your home appliances such as security camera, TVs, locks, thermostats, lights, audio speakers. All devices are connected into a common system which you can operate through your smartphone or mobile touch screen device. TELUS smart home security system provides the luxury of home […]