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5 Benefits to Owning a TELUS Smart Home Security System

Benefits of TELUS Smart Home Security System

TELUS home security is an advanced, high-tech system that can remotely control your home appliances such as security camera, TVs, locks, thermostats, lights, audio speakers. All devices are connected into a common system which you can operate through your smartphone or mobile touch screen device.

TELUS smart home security system provides the luxury of home automation. Home security camera system including an indoor camera, round doorbell camera or slimline doorbell camera keep an eye on your home whether you are at home or away from your home. Various features of TELUS home security protect you in case of emergencies thus smart technology of security is a way better than the traditional security system.

It is a convenient way to remain connected to your devices through your mobile app, eventually keep you connected to your home from anywhere. You can arm or disarm your security system with a single tap on your smartphone.

Smart home security system eliminates the problem of setting the system before leaving, on the other hand, it provides you with easy access and control of arming your system through a smartphone app. In case if you forget to arm your system, it will give you a reminder, so you do not have to rush to your front door to disarm a security system.


1. Wireless technology:

To achieve all the criteria of smart home, Z-wave was developed for the wireless control of home devices like thermostat, door locks, sensors, lights. The purpose of smart home is to make life simple, comfortable, and secure. Once all the electronic Z-wave appliances are connected to Z-wave network, you can control them from your PC, mobile phone, or tablet.

Installation of Z-wave devices is quite simple as it is wireless technology. You can remotely control your home, cottage, or garage through TELUS smart security system. With TELUS integrated system you can view your security camera, lock your doors from home or from anywhere in the world.

2. Energy conservation:

TELUS Smart home devices save power. Motion sensors or thermostats are battery powered thus optimizes for energy efficiency. Smart home system can save your money on electric bill as it often uses less energy. Fully automated smart home will help you save more money. You do not have to worry about wastage of energy as smart thermostat suggests the energy efficient settings. Lights can automatically turn on and off when you enter or leave the room.

3. Maximum home security:

TELUS integrated smart home security system can protect your valuables and belongings. This system can help alert you in a case of burglary. You can activate home automation system including surveillance cameras, motion detectors, automated door locks and other security measures from your mobile before going to bed. You can activate home monitoring when you are halfway around the world.

TELUS security sensor devices such as control panel, door window sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors or 4-button key ring upgrade your home and ensure your safety.

4. Flexibility for new appliances:

As time goes on new devices with latest technology will be available. TELUS Smart home system is quite flexible when it comes to replacing your older devices with the new advanced one. This smart system can integrate these latest devices allowing you to upgrade your home and your lifestyle.

5. Save money:

Homeowners with home security system experience less damage thus have fewer claims against insurance company. Moreover, some insurance company offer reduced premium or discount for such high-tech homes with installed security system. TELUS security plans can save your money on electric bills as well. TELUS security camera, alarm system and home monitoring help you save your huge amount and property damage by preventing robberies.

With full automation, you can easily manage to turn on or off your lights, you can set what temperature you want for your home. All these benefits enable you to save your certain amount annually.

Smart home technology provides you safety, security and convenience which is priceless and ultimately offers you a great peace of mind.


  • You can arm or disarm your home security system.

  • Manage your security system from anywhere.

  • View any of your recent activity.

  • Cancel an alarm using mobile app.

  • Can have a check on sensors activity.

  • Can get live view of video devices.

  • You can access your recorded videos.

  • You can interact with any of your devices such as thermostat, lights, door window locks, garage controller.

  • Control your home by activating rules.

  • Set up or manage notifications.